Maximilian Kovalzki

Tobias Näf aka Maximilian Kovalzki has declared his Job to be presenting his understanding of electronic music to the folks!
As he noticed that the satisfaction of music-making continued, he founded “Darkroom” together with a friend. Their goal was to throw own parties, but things turned out differently. After some parties, where he played on four decks, Maximilian began to operate on an alternative Radio.

In the years 2000-2001, he moderated the TV-show “Garage-TV” and met artists like Westbam, Lexy & K Paul, Africa Islam and DJ Icon. After these beatiful two years, he started his studying to become a Sound Technician. During that time he not only got to know a lot of different people, but also learned the technics in order to be able to produce his own tracks.

For a long time he produced in silence, but now he is here, more powerful than ever! In the forthcoming releases we will hear and see what he is able to do.

“To live with the art is difficult. To live from the art is more difficult. Especially, if you’re not a star.” Despite this fact, art is the most important thing to Maximilian.

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