Maximilian Kovalzki – The Day After Tomorrow EP

Tobias Näf aka Maximilian Kovalzki from Zurich shows his understanding of music on this 5th release on Rauscharm, a little jubilee! After some weeks of work in the brackground, the compilation of tracks sound to be of one piece.

“Russian Deepness” is just as its name suggests, a deep and somehow minimal track, to be listened to on the road or with headphones. “The Day After Tomorrow” is a summerly and moving piece of music with the unmistakable Kovalzki-pad and some cool vocal fragments. “Fly To The Sky” with its piano and vocals gives the track a pop-like mood and of course could also be listened to with headphones.

Track Covers by Ceyhun Karaman, Mastering Harun Gezici.

The whole release, including covers and traditional noise track, is available on:

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